FOC Accelerator

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FOC Program Benefits


  • Tactical advice on how the cross-border global partnering arena works.

  • A thorough understanding of ten categories of early stage investors and partners including family office, foundation, endowment, angel investor, venture capital, private equity, strategic pharma, corporate venture, government and hedge fund.

  • Program is delivered once a quarter for two weeks in Boston. Program services, office space, class room are included in the fee. FOC charges no success fee and takes no equity in any of the participating companies.


  • Because LSN’s RESI conference is a global partnering ecosystem built upon the two life science databases LSN staff curates, we know a lot of the major players across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health.

  • Increased visibility: you will be given a list of investors and partners that are a fit for your company and product. All of FOC Accelerator companies will have access to our worldwide network.

  • FOC can provide hands on support for setting up your company’s U.S. operations.


  • Finding the right partners that are a fit for your stage of development and product set is key to your success.

  • Life Science Nation has helped more than 350 companies raise over 500 million dollars. LSN’s products and services are used by all the core players who use LSN to source technology assets. 

  • FOC Accelerator can provide your company with a rapid entry into our world’s leading life science ecosystem and a chance find the right and partners to your firm to the next level in the life sciences market.

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