Fundraising Workshop Series

Explain the Nuances of Creating and Managing an Effective Outbound Fundraising Campaign

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Fundraising Workshop Series

FOC Accelerator runs a series of Fundraising Workshops that explain the nuances of creating and managing an effective outbound fundraising campaign. The content is tailored towards emerging and experienced scientist-entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital. The topics include an overview of today’s investor landscape (i.e. the VC void and new investor categories filling that void), branding and messaging, the philosophy of an outbound fundraising campaign, generating a global target list, and managing mailings, follow-up and meetings.

Fundraising Boot Camp

The Fundraising Boot Camp provides a top-to-bottom master class on outbound global fundraising. Topics to be covered include the changing investor landscape, new categories of life science investors, and how to organize and execute a successful roadshow. It will bring you step-by-step through the processes of positioning, marketing collateral, website creation, branding & messaging, and how to reach out to a list of global investors

Researching Global Investors

The Researching Global Investor workshop provides the basics to create a global target list by doing research on your own. It discusses the best practices to increase precision and efficiency when identifying active investors based on fit for your opportunity. It also introduces fundraising executives to the 10 different investor types as well as provides tactical advice on how to identify the appropriate contact person and what to send in your initial outreach.

Branding & Messaging

The Branding & Messaging workshop discusses how to brand you and your firm and how to provide potential investors with high-quality, professional collateral—materials that engage them, communicate your message clearly and concisely, and present the information they want to see in a way that helps them to decide quickly and easily if you are a potential fit for their needs.

Building a Cloud Infrastructure

The Building a Cloud Infrastructure workshop discusses methods scientist-entrepreneurs use to regularly touch base with and manage a large group of qualified investor contacts, and how cloud-based tools can be utilized to monitor your progress and carry out an effective campaign. Fundraising is a numbers game, and the more opportunities you have to start a dialogue, the better you will perform. By setting up a software infrastructure to track and manage your campaign, you will increase your outreach efficiency and create a better chance of success.

Boston Innovation Capital

Boston Innovation Capital (BIC) is an advisory firm that was spun out of Life Science Nation (LSN) in 2014 to address an unmet need among early stage scientist-entrepreneurs for tactical, hands-on assistance in packaging management teams and technologies, and executing fundraising campaigns. BIC was created to provide this global service, and help new life science technologies take the next step towards the market.

Deal & Product Valuations


In this workshop, you will learn how to calculate and determine the right assumption for any therapeutic product (pre-clinical, clinical or on the market) to structure a suitable licensing deal. What deal terms can you ask for or what should be the equity share to a new investor? These are critical question for most life sciences companies. However, valuation is more than just numbers – it’s about the assumptions and about understanding the business, so it comes down to the potential of a product or company and the associated risk.


Dennis Ford

Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Dennis Ford is an entrepreneur and author with distinct expertise in sales, marketing, and business development. He has spent most of his career finding, vetting and launching a myriad of technology-based companies. Over the last decade, he has worked extensively with global alternative investors and is deeply interested in getting funding for high-growth early-stage technologies. He is a big proponent of using profiling and matching technology to find that all-important business fit in the marketing and selling process. In today’s context Dennis can connect early stage life science companies with 10 categories of global partners thus making the finding of capital and distribution channels very efficient. 

Dennis created the Redefining Early Stage Investments conference series to facilitate an interactive ongoing dialog between buyers and sellers in the life science arena. Before LSN, Dennis was the President and CEO of a company that improved the way hedge fund and private equity fund managers raised capital and marketed their funds to investors. Ford is the author of The Peddler’s Prerogative and The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto, two well-received sales and marketing books.

Lucy Parkinson

VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation; CEO of Boston Innovation Capital

Lucy Parkinson is LSN’s VP of Investor Research, and leads LSN’s investor outreach and analysis team.  She additionally contributes to LSN’s web marketing as the voice of LSN’s videos and a contributing writer on both The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto and the Next Phase newsletter. Prior to joining LSN, Lucy spent several years working at CPA fi­rms, gaining experience working with small corporations, partnerships and nonprofi­t organizations. Lucy graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in the History and Philosophy of Science. She is also a FINRA-registered securities principal and an Enrolled Agent.

Greg Mannix

VP of International Business Development, Life Science Nation

Greg Mannix is Vice President of International Business Development at Life Science Nation. After graduating from the University of California, he moved to Europe where he began a career in the life sciences and obtained a Master’s degree from IE Business School in Madrid. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing management in large medical device corporations and small start-ups alike, giving Greg a well-rounded international experience in the healthcare field. He has worked extensively in Europe, North America and Latin America and he speaks English, Spanish and French.

Greg relocated to Boston 3 years ago to set up the US affiliate for an early-stage Med-tech company from Spain and he immediately took to the vibrant startup community there. Working for LSN is a great way to stay involved in that exciting space.

Patrik Frei

Founder & CEO, Venture Valuation AG, Switzerland

Patrik graduated from the Business University of St. Gallen and completed his Ph.D thesis (“Assessment and valuation of high growth companies”) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL Lausanne. Prior to forming Venture Valuation, Patrik was CFO of a logistic company and worked for several international corporations including LeCroy (Geneva, New York), Hans Merensky Holding (South Africa) and Swatch Group – EM Microelectronic (Marin). Patrik was a board member and one of the original founders of Ineo, a holding company of the Swiss dental implant VC-backed firm Thommen Medical. He is also the Chairman of Ophthalmopharma, a Swiss based biotech ophthalmology company, where he successfully out-licensed a portfolio of 4 products. Patrik’s articles have been published in a number of scientific journals including “Nature Biotechnology”, “Chimia” and other business publications (“Starting a Business in the Life Sciences: From Idea to Market” and “Building Biotechnology: Starting, Managing, and Understanding Biotechnology Companies”).

He has also lectured at Seoul National University, South Korea, EPFL Lausanne, University of St. Gallen and gives regular workshops on valuation.