Sourcing & Ranking Service (SRS)

Quickly Source, Vet and Rank Early-Stage Technology Assets

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Sourcing & Ranking Service (SRS)

Life Science Nation (LSN) has developed a Sourcing and Ranking Service (SRS) which provides clients with a strategic opportunity to quickly source, vet, rank and engage with early-stage partners developing technology assets that are available for in-licensing or partnering. LSN’s unique position in the early stage space, and the range of capabilities we have developed, provide a strong foundation for SRS. By leveraging the LSN global partnering platform and our extensive experience assessing technology assets, SRS allows clients to expeditiously find and de-risk early stage technology assets and to immediately focus on top-tier assets that align with their interests. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with a service that allows them to by-pass the research and technology vetting stages and position them to enter diligence with the owners of the technologies they are interested in. Importantly LSN brings global capabilities which allows us to take on clients interested in any commercial market. SRS has built-in flexibility, which means you can pivot on the fly as you learn more about the early stage domains of interests

Who Needs SRS?

  • Biotech/MedTech Business Development Professionals seeking pipeline assets
  • Strategic Partners seeking a better view of global assets in their interest area
  • Asian Entities seeking access to the US technology space
  • Investors who lack sufficient research capabilities

What’s the Process of SRS?

Profile Examples

Below showcases a search for a big pharma partner interested in sourcing global assets in the biologics for oncology space. The client specifically mandated preclinical, Phase I and Phase II assets that are in development from private biotech companies. (click to enlarge the image)

Example of Heat Maps and Asset Summaries

Example of a Full Profile (Level 1, 2 and 3)